Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Three men just got out of the tub. For once, they are all looking at the camera... albeit cheezily! It is now easier to throw them all in our walk-in shower and let them play in there. We give them bottles of shaving cream and let them go crazy. It is a nice few minutes of containment, especially since Brady is all over the place... up the stairs and all over the house. We have been outside a lot lately and have enjoyed playing with all of our neighbors. Grant is really busy with soccer and getting so good. He loves outdoor soccer but isn't as crazy about indoor. Carson is busy cracking us up. When I ask him if I can kiss his freckles, he says, "no mommy, they are cwosed," and covers his cheeks with his hands. Brady is a happy boy and getting some new teeth. He loves riding in his new car outside that Lily got him for Christmas. They are good boys and I am lucky to have them... even when they drive me crazy!

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