Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So, I have always dedicated this blog to my kiddos but now i think i will spend a little time on the parties that I throw them. I need some documentation on how crazy I go over these parties. Most recently, we had Carson's 3rd birthday. It was "Cars" themed and he really wanted the Gymbus so we did that too. We had the party in our garage and on our driveway. We had checkered flag banners and a huge banner that said "Happy Birthday Carson." We had cardboard cutouts of the characters. We had real tires as decorations. Jeff also made a Lightning McQueen out of a huge cardboard box so kids could sit in it during the party. For lunch, we had chicken McNuggets (per Carson's request) and some BBQ. We had his other request, corn on the cob, as well. I made the favors out of caution cones and filled them with tattoos, stickers, jump ropes, candy and of course, silly bands! We had a blast.

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